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Adaptive Die Match

Accurate measurement, optimum production

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In order to produce a high-quality product, the individual stages of production must be of optimum design. Achieving an ideal alignment of thread rollers is a piece of cake with "Adaptive Die Match“. This automatic track alignment system developed jointly by BRANKAMP and leading manufacturer E.W.Menn was launched at the wire 2008.

Threads are still formed from a blank with a fixed and a mobile rolling die under high pressure. These jaws must be precisely aligned to achieve optimum results. Until now, the operator has had to read the setting information for the machine on the BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring system, then go to the machine and set it up manually. „Once pitch  lines are set they are rarely changed again“, says Ferdinand Oppel, Managing Director of Prokos GmbH, a company of the BRANKAMP Group. „And yet - to achieve truly optimum settings - they should be continually adapted to the process conditions.“ This is exactly what the newly developed automatic pitch alignment function does. A patented sensor ensures that the pitch line is precisely aligned: The system uses a closed control circuit to communicate directly with the machine. The BRANKAMP system carries out measurements during the process and passes the coded information to the machine. The setting is thus continuously adapted and updated. „This Adaptive Die Match system has lots of benefits,“ says Ernst W. Menn, Managing Director of the traditional company bearing his name. „On the one hand, it saves time because the machine operator doesn't have to manually enter data into the machine from the ProcessMonitoring system. Instead, the information is transferred and acted upon directly from system to machine. On the other hand, tool strain is lower due to the optimum setting so their service life is extended.“

World premiere at the wire 2008

E.W.Menn and BRANKAMP launched this innovative system at wire 2008, the industry's leading trade show. „We fitted our display machines with Adaptive Die Match and demonstrated how automatic pitch alignment works in practice,“ says Menn. „Many of the visitors were quite impressed by the results.“ Adaptive Die Match is available exclusively for E.W.Menn machines.


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