Sales by MARPOSS

Since 29.2.2012 BRANKAMP is part of the worldwide MARPOSS Group.

This step is the perfect opportunity for the BRANKAMP GmbH to further increase the international distribution of BRANKAMP products with the support of the Marposs Sales and Service network.

From 1.1.2015 on the sales of BRANKAMP GmbH have been integrated into the MARPOSS sales and service offices.


Stamping Information Videos

ProcessMonitoring at mul­tiple die presses, set up aide, tool protection by feed control and detection of broken punches, detection of double sheet, slugs and scrap. Learn more about the power of Brankamp solu­tions in our videos. More...


Die Match on Ingramatic

To manufacturers of fastener-elements, thread laps are a huge problem. They may be the cause for failing connect­ions – just when not missing a screw is vitally important. The experts from Italian ma­chines manufacturer Ingra­matic have developed an innovative adjustment sys­tem for thread rollers in cooperation with BRANKAMP. More...


VW-tool making works with BRANKAMP

"There are no comparable competitors" The Service Factory is, with regard to tool making, the internalized service provider within the VW-corporation. The ma­chines at this important focal point in production are being protected by collision-moni­toring systems from BRAN­KAMP. Read more in Journal May 2011. More...


OEE: Analyzing Productivity

Increasing raw material and energy prices as well as two-fisted piece-cost calcu­lations allow no room for inefficient economic produc­tion - especially in times of flattening economy. A detail­ed analysis of the manufac­turing process is indispen­sible in order to optimize production capacity. More...


SACMA: Ten years of partnership

Since 2000, machine manu­facturer SACMA cooperates closely with BRANKAMP. SACMA is convinced of the technology and performance of market-leader BRANKAMP in the area of Process­Monitoring. BRANKAMP mo­dules are used with all SACMA machines. More...


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