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BRANKAMP Internet Service Support (BISS)

Safety first

Data protection is an important subject in all areas of life. Quite often, it is handled  carelessly, especially on the Internet. It is all the more important that excellent security precautions be taken, particularly in very sensitive areas.

Network data transfer is becoming safer thanks to new developments and security systems. This is the reason why many people are using practical services such as online banking or shopping more frequently. By now, 24 million Germans take care of their banking needs online. The number of online shoppers has increased by 28 percent within just two years. New security technologies also make it possible for the Internet to be used in new areas, as well, such as in the service of ProcessMonitoring systems. Naturally, security is a top priority here, as well. At BRANKAMP, only those solutions are considered which can guarantee that the security precautions taken for the BISS online service remain state-of-the-art at all times. In this way, it is warranted that, when building the connection from the customer to BRANKAMP, only the BRANKAMP server will be accessed. „The system is set in such a way that the online service is activated and the connection is built up from the customer only after confirmation by the start button“, explains BRANKAMP IT expert, Carsten Neubauer. „The customer can rest assured that the BRANKAMP server, exclusively, will be dialed up, and that it will not be routed via detours around the world. Another server cannot be dialed up by mistake either, as the setting cannot be changed.“ An unintentional dissemination of data is prevented in this manner. In addition, BRANKAMP has developed the BISS box in order to protect sensitive information against unauthorized access. It protects the customer's network by permitting a data transfer to the Internet Gateway, but by shadowing the house network. The BISS box rigorously blocks attacks and threats without impeding the desired communication. The secure transmission of data makes BISS an effective and cost-reducing tool: „We can quickly access the customer's BRANKAMP units via the Internet, rectify the fault and promptly ensure a return to smooth service“, remarks Neubauer. Companies in Israel, Brazil and Slovenia are already relying on BISS. The employees at DORMA in Singapore, for example, installed three BRANKAMP systems themselves. Fine-tuning was carried out via BISS by BRANKAMP experts from Erkrath. Cost savings for the customer: approximately 10,000 Euros.


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