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Who, what, how - all the news surrounding BRANKAMP and its innovative ProcessMonitoring technology can be found in the BRANKAMP Journal. The Erkrath-based company has been publishing its informative customer magazine for more than 20 years, while the Duesseldorf-based corporate communications agency enterpress has been taking care of editorial content for many years. We provide regular information about our products and the development of new technologies, as well as industry news. Naturally, the BRANKAMP Journal keeps you informed as to how our innovative ProcessMonitoring systems perform in practice - in the user reports section, companies relate their experiences with BRANKAMP in the areas of forming, machining and stamping. Discover the exciting world of ProcessMonitoring and feel free to browse our archives.  


Journal September 2014

  • Know-how Boost in Stamping Sector
  • Traditional Brand ebu opts for BRANKAMP
  • The innovative Top Systems for Punching Operations
  • „Simply Clever“: The new Standard

Journal March 2013

  • Distinctive Feature: International well situated
  • Innovative MARPOSS-Solutions for the Forging Industry
  • Gripper Monitoring on Hot Forging Presses
  • „Simply Clever": The new Standard
  • A Step Ahead due Technology: BRANKAMP X3
  • Crack Detection thanks to Innovative TrifleX Measuring Technology

Journal Nov 2013

  • Global Sourcing? How to succeed!
  • Better punching with the BRANKAMP X5
  • The new generation of binary monitoring

Journal Sept 2013

  • Premiere at the EMO in Hanover: BRANKAMP is presenting a new system
  • Anniversary at the Fastener Expo
  • BRANKAMP attends GF AgieCharmilles forum
  • Two in one: process monitoring from ARTIS and collision protection from BRANKAMP
  • Safety first

Journal Sept 2011 (englisch/german)

  • BRANKAMP in Scandinavia - Enhancing service skills: Duroc Machine Tool trains staff for BRANKAMP-installation

Journal May 2011

  • VW-tool making works with BRANKAMP-technology - "There are no comparable competitors"

Journal March 2011

  • UltraEmission: Exclusive solution in slug detection
  • Pole position for UltraEmission sensors from BRANKAMP

Journal Dec 2010

  • Patented technology-head start with UltraEmission: new benchmarks in slug-detection
  • Certified quality management at BRANKAMP
  • Ideal service as a perfect process chain
  • Excellent work on the man-machine interface

Journal Sept 2010

  • Without seals, nothing runs
  • When the tool-making crash comes: Collision avoidance, while saving with BRANKAMP CMS
  • Innovative thinking: Protect tool manufacturing from damage

Journal April 2010

  • Summit meeting: International leading trade show, wire 2010
  • BRANKAMP at wire 2010
  • X7: Intelligent ProcessMonitoring has never been so intelligent

Journal Dec 2009

  • Successfully interwoven: Tradition and innovation
  • Uncomplicated: System replacement with BRANKAMP Safe and Rescue
  • Adaptive Die Match - Economic rolling

Journal Sept 2009

  • Quality tools for the automotive industry
  • What you see is what you get
  • Machine protection from BRANKAMP is worth it - Low investment for high profits
  • The BRANKAMP alarm module - Always have your finger on the pulse

Journal June 2009

  • Hot business - BRANKAMP: The world‘s largest monitor of hot forming lines
  • Crisis management with ProcessMonitoring
  • Field-proven - Innovative Adaptive Die Match roller adjuster from E.W. Menn and BRANKAMP
  • Fewer slugs, greater production output

Journal March 2009

  • Safe Production. Better Products.
  • Small Investment, Big Impact
  • FactoryNet: Hardly any downtime thanks to perfect process

Journal Dec 2008

  • Experience the joy not the trials of technology
  • Reliable Manufacturing
  • Production runs smoothly with WIRE FEED AIDE
  • Know what‘s really important - Stay up-to-date with the BRANKAMP News Picker

Journal Sept 2008

  • BRANKAMP demonstrates competencies in all areas of metal processing
  • "Our reject rate has dropped from eight to zero percent"
  • FactoryM - The jam alert

Journal March 2008

  • ProcessMonitoring 2.0 - BRANKAMP presents innovative Expert product line
  • "Adaptive Die Match" for thread rollers
  • Machine protection in hardness test - Test series using the BRANKAMP CMS system under near-real conditions
  • Innovations at wire 2008: New tools for FactoryNet

Journal Dec 2007

  • Screws with a "smart head" - BRANKAMP Rotator detects transfer errors
  • ProcessMonitoring: found the world over - BRANKAMP offers comprehensive, world-wide service
  • FactoryM: individual, and an individually precise fit
  • BRANKAMP Teleservice

Journal Sept 2007

  • Brankamp E:xxacto - Precise to the last micrometer
  • Brankamp at the EMO
  • Brankamp CMS - Time is money
  • Fit for the future - New management in place at Brankamp
  • Professor Dr.-Ing. Klaus Brankamp - The company founder
  • Brankamp FactoryM - Hanging up the running shoes
  • The Brankamp "High-Speed Force Sensor System" - Reliable, fast, cost-effective!

Journal May 2007

  • Networking with the CMS: The 100%-carefree-package by BRANKAMP
  • ProcessMonitoring in Brazil
  • Monitored by BRANKAMP: A stiff breeze in energy production
  • Set-up aids for presses in automobile production - Efficiency, safety and mobility
  • B100 in the manufacturing of cans: Safety made easy

Journal March 2007

  • Reduced costs with ProcessMonitoring
  • Monitored by Brankamp: Burning rubber with Goodyear
  • Set-up aids for presses in automobile production - Efficiency, safety and mobility
  • FactoryM - Eye on production

Journal Dec 2006

  • Hot stuff - BRANKAMP: The biggest monitor of hot-forming plants in the world
  • Well-adjusted!
  • Slugbuster: on the hunt for slugs
  • Process-monitoring on thread rolling machines - Absolutely accurate with true tracking precision
  • There is space - even on the smallest machine

Journal Sept 2006

  • More HP for your machine tool
  • Hot topic: Slug detection
  • Damage limitation through shorter response times
  • Process-monitoring on thread rolling machines: Absolutely accurate with true tracking precision

Journal June 2006

  • A tachometer for manufacturing
  • RFID Technology
  • Wire 2006 - Trade fair breaks records

Journal March 2006

  • Functioning rather than fiddling about
  • Everything on view
  • Machining centres need machine protection

Journal Nov 2005

  • FactoryNet®: manufacturing needs to be networked
  • Punching slug recognition using ultra-emission (Part 2)
  • FactoryNet in use with the eR5

Journal Sept 2005

  • Going strong. Going stronger. Be innovative.
  • EasyVision prevents damage to tools and machinerys

Journal April 2005

  • Measuring instead of intuition
  • Punched-offcut recognition with Ultra-Emission
  • EasyVision: See more. Understand more. Produce more.

Journal Nov 2004

  • Discreet flight of secret stars?
  • Worldwide cooperation between BRANKAMP and Service Tool International
  • Great demand at the Wire China
  • Absolute force measurement during thread rolling
  • Easy Vision - Stamping machines show 30% increase in number of strokes at lower piece cost!

Journal July 2004

  • Absolute force monitoring during threat rolling
  • Machine protection in processing centres
  • Bad news for slugs

Journal April/May 2004

  • Visitors want innovations
  • Brankamp in India
  • BOMA organises everything as required
  • Machine centre: spindle protection

Journal Jan 2004

  • Ultra Emission Technology for bolt head defect detection
  • Screws without ears
  • CMS GT - the airbag in production

Journal Oct 2003

  • Ghost shift can stop long trek to China
  • Screws without ears - 15 per cent faster
  • The intelligent job counter from BRANKAMP

Journal Jul/Aug 2003

  • Brankamp at EMO
  • Costs down thanks to ProcessMonitoring
  • Transparency in production at low cost

Journal April 2003

  • Quality assurance in production

Journal Jan 2003

  • Process monitoring for multispindle and rotary transfer machines

Journal Nov/Dec 2002

  • The future of ProcessMonitoring

Journal Aug/Sept 2002

  • Upturn in America

Journal May 2002

  • More productive due to machine atlas


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