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BRANKAMP systems in use at EJOT

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From a small proprietorship to a Global Player in just a few decades: Hans Werner Kocherscheidt formed today's EJOT Group, a European market leader in fastener technology, from the screw factory, Adolf Böhl. With more than 2,000 employees, EJOT produces fasteners for the automotive and electrical industries, as well as for the telecommunications and construction industries.

Educated as an attorney, Hans Werner Kocherscheidt took over the screw factory of the same name from his uncle, Adolf Böhl, in 1958, when the small business had merely 60 employees. With courage, vision and a keen sense of intuition, the career changer led the company to its current size. Milestones in the company's history include, among other things, the invention of the PT screw, the first secure self-tapping screw for plastic thread connections. Today, aged 80, Hans Werner Kocherscheidt is still active as Managing Director.

The EJOT group is headquartered in Bad Berleburg and supplies international companies with high-quality fasteners. High quality is an absolute must, particularly in the electronics and automotive fields. EJOT relies on ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP in order to minimize possible error sources in production.

„There is no compromise for customer satisfaction and quality“, says Erich Höse, Master Technician in the EJOT thread roller department. „We cannot and will not accept a production delay. Everything in the production process must fit perfectly, no matter whether we're dealing with standard screws or special threads. We develop specially cut screws for many customers - so the customer gets exactly what he needs."

Erich Höse, Master Technician in the EJOT thread roller department

For this reason, EJOT has been using the BRANKAMP PK 4U system on 15 thread rolling machines for the past two years. 500 million parts are produced each year on these monitored machines alone. Forming expert Höse is very satisfied with the results: „Prior to using the ProcessMonitoring systems, we had the typical errors due to quality problems with the parts, such as improperly rolled threads or deficient thread geometry, as well as machine problems, for example due to tool wearing or misaligned tracks. Both have drastically subsided. Our production has become more reliable with consistently high quality. That is an important prerequisite for remaining competitive. We have fewer downtimes and fewer rejects - that not only saves time but, above all, saves costs as well.“ BRANKAMP systems are also being used successfully in other company areas, such as in the presses.

Machine operators have absolutely no problems handling the BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring systems thanks to their simple operation. Höse appreciates this: „This is important, because the best system will amount to nothing if not properly deployed.“


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