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Technology partnership

Collision Monitoring: Faster with HELLER

HELLER Services and BRANKAMP have agreed upon a technology partnership for the protection of machines. In the future, the successful BRANKAMP CMS systems for collision monitoring will be directly connected to every HELLER processing center via a certified interface.

Above all, the focus of the technology partnership will be on the benefit for the customer: In the event of a collision, HELLER machining centers can now be stopped more effectively and potential damage will be further reduced. This enables an interface, optimized especially for HELLER machines, with the use of leading BRANKAMP CMS 100 collision protection system. „For the user, a very simple formula: Faster with Heller“, says BRANKAMP Managing Director, Hans-Peter Schneider. Claus Mielich, Director of Development at HELLER Services, confirms: „This is a decisive step with enormous returns.“ Because, in practice, it is often a matter of milliseconds when it comes to minimizing possible damage to a machine, tool or workpiece. The Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Nürtingen is a leading manufacturer of machining centers and complete machining equipment. The HELLER Services GmbH, as an independent company unit, is responsible for the service and the after-sales business. The BRANKAMP CMS system protects machine tools from expensive machine crashes: Sensitive sensors recognize irregularities in the production process and react quickly. If necessary, a stop signal will be sent to the control system. This stops the machine at the highest possible rate. In this manner, standstill and set-up times, as well as time-consuming repair work, are reduced to a minimum. The consequence: Plant availability increases and production volume grows. The Machine Control System from BRANKAMP can be optimally deployed for use in single or small series production scenarios and guarantees, already in the process stage, the best possible part qualities. BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring systems have been successfully used for decades in the metal-working industry, because quick and reliable manufacturing is a competitive advantage that contributes significantly to a company's success. From a customer's perspective, the new cooperation is especially practical: In the future, the innovative technology package of optimized interfaces and the BRANKAMP CMS 100 will not only be available through BRANKAMP, but also directly from HELLER Services through all six support locations in the German-speaking countries.


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