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VW-tool making works with BRANKAMP

"There are no comparable competitors" The Service Factory is, with regard to tool making, the internalized service provider within the VW-corporation. The ma­chines at this important focal point in production are being protected by collision-moni­toring systems from BRAN­KAMP. Read more in Journal May 2011. More...


Partnership: Faster with HELLER Services

HELLER Services and BRANKAMP have agreed upon a technology partner­ship for the protection of machines. In the future, the successful BRANKAMP CMS systems for collision moni­toring will be directly con­nected to every HELLER processing centre via certi­fied interface. More...


Success factor in modern manufacturing

Form-Technik Normalien GmbH has been success­fully manufacturing basic moulds in standard and spe­cial designs, as well as the corresponding standard ele­ments for injection and die-cast moulds for now more than 30 years. Their partner in ProcessMo­nito­ring: Brankamp. More...


DORNIER from Lindau trusts BRANKAMP

Screeching tires, brake marks on the asphalt and then a violent impact - a car accident can happen faster than you think. So it's a good thing when the life-saving airbag works properly. About 80 percent of the airbag fabric used worldwide is manufactured on looms at the Lindau-based DORNIER GmbH. More...


Kuka Systems GmbH relies on BRANKAMP

Tools for the automotive industry have been produced in Schwarzenberg in the Ore Mountains of Saxony, Germany, for over 100 years. The tool construction depart­ment of KUKA Systems GmbH, Augsburg, is located in Schwarzenberg, speciali­zing in develop­ment and production of cutting and forming tools for automotive chassis parts. More...


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