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CMS in extensive practice test

StarragHeckert tests BRANKAMP

A team from machine manufacturer StarragHeckert has put the BRANKAMP CMS under intensive tests on milling machines. The tests of the experts ranged from the simple blow with a rubber hammer, over intended input of programming and operating errors up to the deliberate crash of a tool with the work piece (reaction time and reliable stop within milliseconds). The BRANKAMP-system performed in all tests with excellence. The result: "The CMS can manage collisions and performs a quick reaction. It can prohibit greater damages." BRANKAMP was present with a camera team to record the test results. Watch video...

Realistic testing series with the BRANKAMP CMS system

Machine protection tested under pressure

The SHW-Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH simulated several collisions in a realistic series of tests to illustrate the operating principle of ProcessMonitoring systems. A camera team documented the test series. Watch video ...



Customer Testimonials

"Thanks to Process Monitoring, we have been able to shorten our application and set-up times and have considerably extended the tool's service life. The result convinced us once again that we'd made the right choice. Our reject rate has dropped from eight to zero percent.“

Manfred Nußer, Technical specialist at the MTU Product Centre for Cardan Shaft production (Journal, March 2006)

”One of our customers has been able to reduce his preventive maintenance costs from the previous 480,000 Euros to 210,000 Euros per year using the BRANKAMP systems.“

Herbert Klewenhagen, Managing Director at SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (2008)

"We have realized savings in the middle six-figure range by using BRANKAMP systems.“

Marvin Schlieker, Condition-oriented maintenance at ZF (2007)


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