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OEE: Analyzing Productivity

Increasing raw material and energy prices as well as two-fisted piece-cost calcu­lations allow no room for inefficient economic produc­tion - especially in times of flattening economy. A detail­ed analysis of the manufac­turing process is indispen­sible in order to optimize production capacity. More...


Know what's really important

Today, competitive produc­tion not only involves recor­ding important production data, but it also requires the rapid transmission of infor­mation. These connections are opti­mized with FactoryNet from BRANKAMP: Ma­chine information is passed direct­ly to the operator by online communi­cation. More...


Control station for effective planning

Smooth production is possible only when all pro­cesses interact like the gears of a clock. This assu­mes excellent data acquisi­tion and processing, how­ever. Together with renow­ned company PSI, BRAN­KAMP offers a control station utilizing state of the art graphic displays. More...


Uncomplicated system swap

No company today can afford to have machine standstills and production failures. ProcessMonitoring systems from BRAN­KAMP support companies and ensure that all processes run smoothly. With Safe and Rescue, BRANKAMP has developed an innovative FactoryNet tool making equipment repla­cement quite easy. More...


Brankamp Support: Safety first

Data protection is an important subject in all areas of life. Quite often, it is handled carelessly, especially on the Internet. It is all the more important that excellent security precautions be taken, particularly in very sensitive areas. BRANKAMP Online Service puts a focus on the best security possible. More...


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