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Recognizing FactoryNet as an opportunity

More communication in manufacturing

Computers, electronic mail and the World Wide Web have become an integral part of day-to-day office life. The advantages - speed, transparency and mobility - are highly interesting for other areas of work, as well: According to experts, there is still enormous potential to be harnessed through networking of the manufacturing process. With FactoryNet, BRANKAMP has developed a comprehensive process optimization concept for this, introducing it for the first time at the wire in 2008.

Networking has been common in the office environment for a long time but, with regard to manufacturing, it is still in its infancy. A connection between production and the company network is still the exception in many companies. But a great degree of potential is lying dormant, particularly regarding the connection of both areas: With FactoryNet - networking of the manufacturing process - production processes do not only become clearer, but are also quicker and more cost effective. Process-Monitoring systems from BRANKAMP have been deployed by numerous companies in order to warrant a competitive production process. They react to the most minute changes in the manufacturing process, thereby minimizing product rejects as well as machine damage. Completely new possibilities open up with an expansion of data acquisition through intelligent online communications: With networked production, the plant manager has access to all important data at one glance in real-time. He can see which machine is processing what order, what the order status is and what the production capacity is. If necessary, he can intervene promptly and prevent no load operations and production jams. Servicing and repair work is also made considerably easier by online servicing.

And if irregularities do perhaps occur in the process, the machine informs the operator immediately by text message or e-mail. A greater degree of product quality, faster order processing and, thereby, better customer service are the main benefits of networked manufacturing. BRANKAMP has developed numerous innovative tools for FactoryNet. The exchange of systems in the event of maintenance or repair is uncomplicated with the SAR (Save and Rescue) system, as the exchange unit automatically finds the FactoryNet server upon installation and downloads the appropriate data. The innovative BRANKAMP RFID card enables a personalized access administration: All of the company's relevant work data are stored on it. Upon registering with the ProcessMonitoring system, the RFID-card causes the individual worker’s interface to be loaded automatically.


The graphic control station for effective detailed planning

OEE: Productivity analysis for manufacturing

Smooth production is possible only when all manufacturing processes interact like the gears of a clock. This assumes excellent data acquisition and processing, however. Together with renowned company PSI, BRANKAMP offers a control station utilizing state of the art graphic displays for detailed planning of the manufacturing processes and optimization of the process sequence. Through-put times are optimized and, at the same time, costs reduced to a minimum through the use of this software. The clear graphic depiction provides production management/work scheduling with a reliable foundation for their production planning. More ...

Increasing raw material and energy prices as well as two-fisted piece-cost calculations allow no room for inefficient economic production. Especially in times of a flattening economy, a detailed analysis of the manufacturing process is indispensible - this is the only way to optimize production capacity. BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring systems offer the possibility of obtaining information about the productivity of a production run through the code OEE. More ...

Know what's really important

FactoryM: Nine modules for better manufacturing

Today, competitive production not only involves recording important production data, but it also requires the rapid transmission of information. These connections are optimized with FactoryNet from BRANKAMP: Machine information is passed on directly to the operator by means of intelligent online communication. One of the numerous functions of production networking is the BRANKAMP News Picker. More ...

All relevant production data at a glance - more important than ever for a smooth and effective manufacturing process. In the process, the optimum communicative exchange between company management and production takes on more-and-more significance. With its modular FactoryMonitoring concept, BRANKAMP offers an innovative and cost-effective software solution. More ...

Uncomplicated: System replacement with BRANKAMP Safe and Rescue

BRANKAMP Internet Service Support (BISS)

No company today can afford to have machine standstills and production failures. ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP support companies and ensure that all processes run smoothly. And if the BRANKAMP systems themselves have to be serviced or replaced, then it goes without saying that speed is of the essence. With its Safe and Rescue system, BRANKAMP has developed an innovative FactoryNet tool that makes the entire equipment replacement process simple and easy. More ...

Data protection is an important subject in all areas of life. Quite often, it is handled  carelessly, especially on the Internet. It is all the more important that excellent security precautions be taken, particularly in very sensitive areas. More ...


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