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FactoryNet at Möhling

New connections, better technology

Revolution in work scheduling: At the MÖHLING Group, almost 7,000 production steps are optimally harmonized with each other at the click of a mouse on the computer for the current line of approx. 2,400 fastening elements. Thanks to a consequent networking of the manufacturing process, the FactoryNet, the classic planning board has gone into a well-earned retirement. But not only the processes are running smoother: The networked manufacturing process also saves hard earned cash. More ...



E-mails to the turning lathe

When is manufacturing finally going online? Inventory management systems, e-mail communications or costumer relationship management - computer networking has revolutionized business processes in a multitude of areas. This is totally different, at least with regard to production. Yet here, an enormous amount of potential therein for industrial companies remains to be discovered. Especially in Germany, companies must take advantage of this opportunity. More ...


Realize the greatest possible effectiveness

FactoryM: Individual with a perfect fit

Special machinery, a particular product or high industry standards: The control of modern production processes poses a whole series of challenges to production supervisors in every company. The FactoryM software module from BRANKAMP offers innovative tools, with which these tasks can be mastered. More ...


Navigating securely through complex day-to-day manufacturing

The bottleneck alert

Up-to-date traffic information by radio, Internet or navigation systems, directly processing this information, greatly increase travel convenience. The driver of a car not only reaches his destination more quickly, but also enjoys less stress on route. Once its benefits have been experienced, you won't ever want to travel without a „Navi“ again. And the same goes for the innovative ProductionMonitoring system, FactoryM, from BRANKAMP, that securely and reliably guides its users through the complex day-to-day manufacturing process. More ...


Factory M

The production process in view

The communication between company management and production is a decisive factor in the smooth operation of manufacturing processes. For this reason, it is more important than ever to have access to all relevant production data in real-time. BRANKAMP, with its ten-part modular ProductionMonitoring concept, now offers a cost-effective and innovative software solution, which can be modularly expended depending on the need. More ...


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