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Form-Technik Normalien GmbH

Success factor in modern manufacturing

Form-Technik Normalien GmbH has been successfully manufacturing basic moulds in standard and special designs, as well as the corresponding standard elements for injection and die-cast moulds for over 30 years. The medium-sized family-owned company is able to fulfil the highest quality demands with its 25 qualified employees. Six BRANKAMP CMS systems used in the production process also contribute to their success.

„We manufacture mould assemblies for tool and mould making“, says Michael Reichelt, Managing Director of Form-Technik Normalien GmbH. „Besides the standard assemblies and the corresponding standardized parts, our specialty is primarily machined special assemblies. For this, we perform tasks such as pre-machining, finishing mill work and deep-hole drilling at our in-house facilities.“ The medium-sized family-owned company with its headquarters in the Baden-Wuerttemberg town of Laichingen is active throughout Germany and, in addition, supplies small and medium-sized mould making companies in Austria and Switzerland.

Form-Technik Normalien GmbH's success concept is made up of a combination of the product's high quality and functionality along with a commitment to customer service. „In order to fulfil our own demands, we rely on an integrated concept made up of modern technology, exceptionally qualified employees, a tough quality control, intelligent warehousing and high-quality materials“, explains Reichelt. „Therefore, we have also installed six BRANKAMP CMS systems.“ Customer-specific processing of steel plating for the form assemblies is carried out on machines equipped with collision protection, which also includes the milling of multiple sloped sliding tracks as well as unmanned night-shifts with deep-hole drilling.

„Some of our customers having already had the system in service for a long time recommended it to us“, says Managing Director Reichelt, explaining the decision to go with machine protection from BRANKAMP. „Prior to using the BRANKAMP CMS systems, we experienced various malfunctions, such as those related to programming errors or non-compliance with prescribed processing sequences. The resulting machine repairs were expensive and made on-time deliveries very difficult. We can't afford and won't put up with such problems. Since deploying the CMS systems, however, our production is running smoothly and costly downtimes have been significantly reduced. In addition to this, the BRANKAMP CMS is very easy to operate.“


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