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Die Match on Ingramatic

To manufacturers of fastener-elements, thread laps are a huge problem. They may be the cause for failing connect­ions – just when not missing a screw is vitally important. The experts from Italian ma­chines manufacturer Ingra­matic have developed an innovative adjustment sys­tem for thread rollers in cooperation with BRANKAMP. More...


SACMA: Ten years of partnership

Since 2000, machine manu­facturer SACMA cooperates closely with BRANKAMP. SACMA is convinced of the technology and performance of market-leader BRANKAMP in the area of Process­Monitoring. BRANKAMP mo­dules are used with all SACMA machines. More...


BRANKAMP systems in use at EJOT

From small proprietorship to Global Player in just a few decades: Hans Werner Kocherscheidt formed to­day's EJOT Group, a Euro­pean market leader in fas­tener technology. With over 2,000 employees, EJOT pro­duces fasteners for auto­motive and electrical indus­tries. More...


ProcessMonitoring at SEISSENSCHMIDT

The automotive supplier, SEISSEN­SCHMIDT, will pro­duce around 110 million drive and chassis techno­logy-related precision com­ponents this year. The parts are produced in large quan­tities with a high degree of automation. They are used by almost all automobile manufacturers. More...


Emerging stronger from the crisis!

„Only those who have positioned themselves favourably will emerge strengthened from the crisis." Crisis, order setbacks and cautious optimism - from an economic standpoint, the past eighteen months have been like a roller coaster ride with signs of a rapid downward slide over the long-run. Are there now signs of an upward trend? More...


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