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Shorter adjustment time and faster production with optimal quality

Brankamp Die Match on Ingramatic thread rolling now

To manufacturers of fastener-elements, thread laps are a huge problem. They may be the cause for failing connections – just when not missing a screw is vitally important. The experts from Italian machines-manufacturer Ingramatic have developed an innovative adjustment-system for thread rollers in cooperation with BRANKAMP, the technology-pioneer for ProcessMonitoring-systems. Watch video ...


Artificial intelligence is the key

13 years ago, „Deep Blue“ became the first chess computer in the world to beat a grand master. This was possible only because the computer possessed comprehensive expert knowledge. Thousands of stored matches simulated the know-how of a genuine chess grand master. Watch video...

FactoryNet in practice

New connections, better technology

ProcessMonitoring and networked production: These innovative BRANKAMP developments are perfectly integrated at MÖHLING. Watch video ...

Adaptive Die Match

Accurate measurement, optimum production

The optimum track adjustment was developed in collaboration with the thread rolling machine manufacturer, E.W. MENN. Machine operators receive specific readings related to the tracking position and can optimize it following simple steps. This patented process makes it possible for even the inexperienced operator to optimally set tracking positions. Watch video ...



Customer testimonials

“I can't imagine modern cold-forming without ProcessMonitoring. The units are an important component of our quality strategy!“

Martin Schneider, Plant Manager Metals at Emhart Teknologies in Giessen (2007)

“Unscheduled stoppages, such as those due to bearing shell breakage, have been almost completely done away with through the use of press force monitoring. In addition to this, we were able to increase tool life by about 25 percent.”

Klaus Rothammer, Production Manager, SEISSENSCHMIDT (Journal, March 2007)

“We have become significantly more flexible thanks to these systems. In certain processes - such as the production of components for electronic parking brakes - it has even got to the point that,  through multiple machine operation, payroll costs play only a minor role.“

Hans Zirwes, Plant Manager at Textron Fastening Systems in Neuss (Journal Oktober 2005)

“Processes take place at all levels of the company. ProcessMonitoring systems help our employees to proficiently handle the very demanding interface between the physical-technical world and the production-organizational world. The BRANKAMP philosophy, 'The Operator is at the Hub‘ goes along very nicely with the process-accompanying testing philosophy at SFS Intec.“

Jörg Holthöfer, Project Manager, Process Development at SFS intec AG (2007)


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