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ProcessMonitoring at the SEISSENSCHMIDT-Gruppe

"Greater product reliability through ProcessMonitoring“

The automotive supplier, SEISSENSCHMIDT, will produce around 110 million drive and chassis technology-related precision components this year. The parts are produced in large quantities with a high degree of automation. They are used by almost all automobile manufacturers as well as by leading system suppliers. It is self-evident that the highest levels of quality and safety standards are demanded for component production.

The SEISSENSCHMIDT Group has developed the machining facilities at its headquarters in Plettenberg according to the latest state of technology. Accordingly, the automotive supplier deploys, for example, a modern, HM 75 model multi-stage press for production. In all, it is the third assembly of this type used for series production. „At 50 to 80 strokes a minute, the HM 75 can produce around 4,000 precision components per hour. In so doing, it processes up to 20 tons of steel every 60 minutes - as much as can be found in a modern car“, says Klaus Rothammer, Production Supervisor at SEISSENSCHMIDT.

ProcessMonitoring in all areas of production

In order to guarantee optimum levels of quality and reduce the risk of machine damage at these tremendous speeds, the automotive supplier deploys ProcessMonitoring systems from the first mover and world market leader, BRANKAMP. „We monitor the press force of the HM 75 with a BRANKAMP PK 6000i“, acknowledges Rothammer. In his area of responsibility, he has been relying on the systems since 1999. „Unscheduled stoppages, such as those due to bearing shell breakage, have been almost completely done away with through the use of press force monitoring. In addition to this, we were able to increase tool life by about 25 percent.“ But the BRANKAMP systems are not only being used in the multi-stage press production process. SEISSENSCHMIDT subsidiary, SEISSENSCHMIDT Components Processing GmbH + Co. KG, specializing in the refinement of wrought blank forging, is also using ProcessMonitoring technology in the production process. „Many of our CNC automats in the area of mechanical processing are equipped with BRANKAMP systems“, says Joachim Neuhaus, Managing Director of SEISSENSCHMIDT Components Processing GmbH + Co. KG. The subsidiary company processes around 25 million parts a year. A further 9.5 million components are formed or reformed using cold processes.

Aside from the massive investments into the various areas of production in Plettenberg, the SEISSENSCHMIDT Group is also expanding its international commitment at the same time. In Gyöngyös (Hungary), about 80 kilometres north of Budapest, construction work on a new plant has begun last year. The first machines are scheduled to be installed in the new production facility already in spring. Together with its subsidiary, SEISSENSCHMIDT Precision Components Kft. will be in a better position to develop the middle and eastern European markets. In 2006, the SEISSENSCHMIDT Group generated approximately 138 million Euros with its 400 employees - a record for the 160 years of company history.


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