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From vision to reality

Quality levels up, costs down - that is the main focus of modern manufacturing today. ProcessMonitoring plays a central role in today's solutions. In 1977, Professor Dr.Eng. Klaus BRANKAMP began a project at the RWTH Aachen, supported by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia that marked the starting point for the invention that is today known all over the world as ProcessMonitoring technology.

In this project, the opportunities and possibilities for „production during unmanned shifts“ were to be explored. The active support of the production team through electronic measuring systems, multi-machine operation or production during pause periods were merely ideas, the realization of which many believed to be impossible.

Today, modern manufacturing without ProcessMonitoring is unimaginable, because the technology not only prevents process errors, but also shuts down machines in a timely manner, for example, in the even of malfunction. In this manner, costly damage is limited or prevented altogether. Success confirms BRANKAMP's position - there are over 50,000 ProcessMonitoring systems from Erkrath in use all over the globe today.



January 2015: Sales integrated into the worldwide MARPOSS offices


February 2012: Integration into the MARPOSS group


April 2010: BRANKAMP X7 - artificial intelligence for the forming process

March 2009: Innovative „Adaptive Die Match“ from E.W.Menn and BRANKAMP

June 2007: Management succession at BRANKAMP completed

January 2007: BRANKAMP: The slug-busters

August 2006: Factory M

April 2006: RFID technology

January 2006: New monitoring process for thread rolling developed in cooperation with E.W.Menn

November 2005: E-mails to the machines

April 2005: BRANKAMP agency opens in China

March 2005: CMS on robots and handling units

June 2004: Yamazaki Mazak is convinced by BRANKAMP

October 2004: ZF Friedrichshafen: Test series for introduction of CMS

April 2004: Absolute force measurement of thread rolling

December 2003: FactoryNet: Networked production

June 2003: Take over of Helpro

January 2003: Rotator identifies transfer error

January 2003: Bruderer certifies BRANKAMP

October 2002: 40,000 systems in use around the world

September 2002: Siemens certifies BRANKAMP iMSoft

February 2002: One-button operation (eDrive)

2002: Development of UltraEmission

October 2001: „Q1 Award“ from Ford won by BRANKAMP

November 2000: Certified according to DIN ISO 9001

2000: Monitoring of semiconductor production

December 1998: Double dynamic envelope-curve

1997: Modular concept with fanless touch-screen PC

April 1993: ProcessMonitoring for can production

September 1992: Exclusive contract with Prokos

October 1990: In-house exhibition in the ex-GDR

May 1990: New production facilities opened

October 1989: Production of the first punch parts in an unmanned shift realized at Wolf Geräte in Wendel, Germany

September 1989: Exhibition booth at the EMO in a new, open look

1988: Take over of Widatronic from Krupp

1988: World first: absolute force monitoring

June 1988: Initial success in Japanese markets

January 1988: BRANKAMP America and UK established

October 1987: BRANKAMP Italy established

January 1987: BRANKAMP moves into new administrative building

1986: BRANKAMP develops the BDE System DC 5000

March 1982: The 500th BRANKAMP Processa 0101 system is delivered

August 1977: BRANKAMP Prozessautomation founded, with screw manufacturer ABC being the first important customer


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