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Lindau-based DORNIER GmbH

Successfully interwoven: Tradition and innovation

Screeching tires, brake marks on the asphalt and then a violent impact - a car accident can happen faster than you think. So it's a good thing when the life-saving airbag works properly. For this reason, the highest quality standards apply to airbag manufacturing. About 80 percent of the airbag fabric used worldwide is manufactured on looms at Lindau-based DORNIER GmbH.

The company's head office is in Lindau on Lake Constance and is the largest manufacturer of looms in Germany. After the WWII, this reputable aircraft company looked for a new field of business and decided to specialize in high-quality textile machines. „We supply looms throughout the world with an export quota of over 90 percent. Our looms are used to manufacture top quality textiles for furniture and clothing, as well as for the safety industry. This also includes the fabric used to make airbags, for example. It goes without saying that the fabric must meet the highest quality standards,“ says Siegfried Biegger, head of machining production. „Bedding, for example, can certainly be produced somewhere else more economically but, when quality and compliance with safety standards are at stake, this is the right address.“ The company realizes about 50 percent of its volume from looms, which have a web width up to 5.4 meters and are configured as pneumatic or rapier weaving machines. Nearly any type of material can be processed - from silk to fiberglass and wire. The company's product range is rounded off with the manufacture of film stretching units for high-quality packing film and drying units for paper or building materials. Quality assurance starts with the production of individual machine parts to ensure that these renowned looms work perfectly. „Our looms are manufactured entirely in-house, from the planning to component production, right up to assembly,“ explains Biegger. „We currently have six machines equipped with the BRANKAMP CMS in our production department. In September, a new machine will be added that is also equipped with the effective machine protection system. We have tried systems from other manufacturers, as well, but we weren't totally satisfied.“ The company can produce up to eight machines a day with its almost 1,200 employees and three locations. Since 2005, Lindau based DORNIER GmbH has been relying on BRANKAMP in the production of their looms and special machinery. Biegger continues: „In the past, we had crashes that destroyed the B-axles on two machines. Each one resulted in about 20,000 Euros damage. Since installing the BRANKAMP CMS, however, we haven't had any crashes. The purchase can amortize itself just by avoiding a single crash. For this reason, any new purchase will always include a BRANKAMP system.“


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