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Realistic testing series with the BRANKAMP CMS system

Machine protection tested under pressure

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How exactly does ProcessMonitoring operate? A delegation of the R+V Versicherung, one of the largest German insurance groups, followed up on this question. The technical insurance experts were provided both an explanation and, in practical tests, a demonstration of the concept at the SHW Machine Tools GmbH in Aalen. SHW equips almost all of their machines ex-works with systems from BRANKAMP, the world market leader.

„Many of our customers lease their machines. The financier is naturally interested in ensuring that the machines are maintained in good condition. The BRANKAMP systems are a great help“, says Herbert Klewenhagen, Managing Director of the SHW Machine Tools GmbH. „In addition: Those who take out a maintenance contract with us and use the BRANKAMP system will receive more favourable conditions on their insurance policy.“ The visiting insurance professionals were shown the reason why this is possible by SHW development engineer, Alfons Egetemeir, who performed a series of tests directly on an SHW machine. At first, those present were able to bring the machine to a standstill, themselves, with a slight blow from a rubber mallet. On another test, a more delicate 5mm drill bit was used. SHW expert, Egetemeir: „This drill bit has a capacity of approximately 50 watts, while the machine spindle has a capacity of 32 kilowatts. We carried out a drill test using the drill bit with a feed rate of 100 millimetres and a depth of 10 millimetres. To switch the machine off, we increased the feed from 100 millimetres to 1,200 millimetres, that is by a factor of 12.“ The result: The drill bit and machine were not damaged.

Timely stoppage minimizes damage

Egetemeir carried out a hardness test on a 125mm milling head as well. „We worked initially with a 2mm milling head and a feed of 900 millimetres per minute. We then increased the feed by a factor of four, that is to 3.6 metres per minute.“ The result: The machine was switched off once again in time. Neither the milling head nor the machine suffered damage. Egetemeir: „The important thing to know is that the system cannot prevent a collision. It just reacts to the collision. However, the damage incurred during a collision is considerably lower. In a normal scenario in the event of a collision, energy is introduced into the machine, into the axle; In a scenario using the BRANKAMP system, energy is withdrawn and dissipated. In so doing, the level of damage is considerably reduced.“ The R+V Insurance delegation responded with positive surprise to the test results. „Irrespective of the insurance-related aspects, such a system is an advantage for the customer, as every customer certainly has an increased interest in reducing downtime to as low a level as possible on the producing machines“, relates Matthias Köster, leading authorized representative and technical insurance group leader at R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG. „It has been our experience that, across the board, customers using machines equipped with such systems respond with positive feedback.“


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