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Kuka Systems GmbH relies on BRANKAMP

Quality tools for the automotive industry

Andreas Fritzsch from KUKA (left) and Thomas Martin, BRANKAMP representative (HEYDE Maschinen-Service GmbH), on a milling machine in Auerbach.

Tools for the automotive industry have been produced in Schwarzenberg in the Ore Mountains of Saxony, Germany, for over 100 years. The tool construction department of KUKA Systems GmbH, Augsburg, is located in Schwarzenberg, where it specializes in the development and production of cutting and forming tools for automotive chassis sheet metal parts.

„We design and manufacture large-scale tools from 2.5 to 5 meters for customers primarily stemming from the automotive industry. Our service spectrum ranges from method planning and design, right up to tool construction,“ says Peter Rößner, Service Manager at KUKA tool construction, as he summarizes the company's product portfolio. KUKA large-scale tools, for example, are used to produce car fenders, engine hoods and complete automobile sides from sheet metal. „We are an important partner for the international automotive industry thanks to our extensive know-how and decades of experience,“ remarks Rößner. The tool specialists at KUKA have been relying on CMS 100 systems from BRANKAMP since 2004 to ensure product quality and smooth-running production. „We learned about the production protection offered by BRANKAMP when we first purchased an SHW machine - and it won us over,“ Peter Rößner points out. „With the BRANKAMP CMS 100, we can effectively protect our machines against, for example, machine drive overloading or milling head damage.“ In March 2009, another three portal-type milling machines will be equipped with the BRANKAMP CMS 100.


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