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ProcessMonitoring at mul­tiple die presses, set up aide, tool protection by feed control and detection of broken punches, detection of double sheet, slugs and scrap. Learn more about the power of Brankamp solu­tions in our videos. More...


Slug detection at Schroeder + Bauer

Top quality plays an ever increasing role in the automotive and electric in­dustries. This demand is naturally passed on to the suppliers. Schroeder + Bau­er GmbH & Co. KG has successfully taken on the challenge. This medium-si­zed company relies on the quality management provi­ded by Pro­cessMonitoring from BRANKAMP. More...


Reliable processes - top quality

BAUMGARTEN GmbH, headquartered in Daaden in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, manufactures high-quality form pieces made of steel. Because quality and dependability command a place of top priority, BAUMGARTEN relies on ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP for manu­facturing. More...


BRANKAMP and Freudenberg GmbH

When Professor Walther Simmer developed the Simmerring® in 1929, he surely never imagined his sealing ring would be used in virtually every car and machine on the market today. This 1940 patented invention is the heart of Freudenberg Dichtungs- und Schwingungstechnik GmbH's selection of sealing products. More...


Kienle + Spiess GmbH: Fit for the future

The range of product applications from Kienle + Spiess GmbH is broad; from wind power stations to the Transrapid in Shanghai, all the way to fans and household appliances. The company, founded in 1935, is one of the largest suppliers for stamped and die-cast parts for electric motors, generators and electric steel sheet . More...


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