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Brankamp technology in practice

The benefits of Brankamp ProcessMonitoring

ProcessMonitoring at multiple die presses, set up aide, tool protection by feed control and detection of broken punches. Learn more about the power of Brankamp solutions in our videos. Watch video...

BRANKAMP in use at the Schroeder + Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

ProcessMonitoring in modern punching operations

Slugs are the most common cause for process interference during punching operations. How it is possible to detect slugs in process is shown in our new movie about an impressive series of tests conducted at Schroeder + Bauer GmbH.  Watch video...


Tool protection by feed control at SKF Sealing Solutions GmbH

Watch video...


Detection of broken punches at J.C. König Stiftung & Co. KG

Watch video...


ProcessMonitoring at multiple die press at J.C. König Stiftung & Co. KG

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Detection of double sheet, slugs and scrap at KLEIN Umformtechnik GmbH

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Set Up Aide at SKF Sealing Solutions GmbH

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Customer testimonials

„We were able to minimize tool repairs from the punching stages and reduce rejects. This made it possible for us to maintain our ROI. Using the BRANKAMP systems, we are not only capable of recognizing pieces punched out, but we are also in a position of preventing their occurrence as far as possible. In addition to a low level of tool repairs and minimized rejects, we have been able to significantly speed up our production.“

Bernd Schäfer, Tool construction team leader at the ElringKlinger AG (Journal, September 2006)

"Our experience has been very positive. Prior to introducing BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring, we had no exact repeatable setting parameters and no possibility of operating an unmanned shift. This all suddenly changed with ProcessMonitoring.“

Iris König, Graduate economist and company owner of J.C. König Stiftung & Co. KG (Journal, June 2007)

”We have successfully deployed BRANKAMP systems in our production process. They not only recognize pieces punched out at the smallest levels, for example, but they are considerably more reliable than our old control systems. In addition, the behavior of the hold-down plate is visualized via curve displays - this was previously not possible. This allows for constructive measures to be carried out on the tools.“

Matthias Schempf, foreman at the punching shop, Kramski GmbH


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