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Kienle + Spiess GmbH

Fit for the future with ProcessMonitoring

The range of product applications from Kienle + Spiess GmbH is broad; from wind power stations to the Transrapid in Shanghai, all the way to fans and household appliances.  The company, founded in 1935, is one of the largest suppliers or stamped and die-cast parts for electric motors and generators in Europe, as well as electric steel sheet according to all established procedures. More ...


BRANKAMP in use at the Schroeder + Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

ProcessMonitoring in modern punching operations

Top quality plays an ever increasing role in the automotive and electric industries. This demand is naturally passed on to the suppliers. Schroeder + Bauer GmbH & Co. KG has successfully taken on the challenge, producing 80 million high-grade punch parts per month in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. This medium-sized company relies on the quality management provided by ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP for production of its precision components. More ...



More customer benefits through a technology partnership

No matter whether winding, straightening,  advancing or process monitoring - when it has to do with stamping processes, the right point of contact is „Die Peripherie Anlagen für Stanz- und Umformtechnik GmbH“ (DPA). The Dortmund-based company has been successful in the marketplace for over 15 years. DPA has concluded a technology partnership with BRANKAMP in order to position itself even better for the future. More ...



The success of ProcessMonitoring: Reliable processes - top quality

No matter whether stamped, stretched or pressed - BAUMGARTEN GmbH, headquartered in Daaden in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, manufactures high-quality form pieces made of steel. Welded or riveted sub-assembly groups compliment the portfolio of the medium-sized company. Because quality and dependability command a place of top priority, BAUMGARTEN relies on ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP for manufacturing.  More ...


Marl GmbH

Efficient punching operations  with ProcessMonitoring

Marl GmbH has been specializing in high-quality metal and plastic punch parts for more than a quarter century. The family-run company from Plettenberg manufactured 118 million stamped parts with a press force of 1,000 kilonewtons in the past year with eleven well trained employees. In so doing, the team makes no compromise when it comes to quality, relying on ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP. More ...


Fischer Stanz- und Umformtechnik: Successful production with ProcessMonitoring

„Flexibility is one of our most important competitive advantages.“

The competitive pressure in the international automotive industry is intense. Companies in the so-called commodity industry are particularly exposed to this pressure. Especially, when parts can be manufactured at other locations around the world to the same quality standards. Despite these rising demands, small companies are capable of standing up to the competition from their locations in Germany. Just as the Fischer Stanz- und Umformtechnik from Niederkrüchten. The 12-man strong operation has been relying successfully on regional partnerships and modern technology.  More ...


Freudenberg Dichtungs- und Schwingungstechnik GmbH

Without seals, nothing works

When Professor Walther Simmer developed the Simmerring® in 1929, he surely never imagined that his sealing ring would be used in virtually every car and machine on the market today. This 1940 patented invention is literally the heart of Freudenberg Dichtungs- und Schwingungstechnik GmbH's comprehensive selection of sealing products.  More ...


Increased profitability at Stansomatic

Quality assurance with Process Monitoring

Stamping items from Stansomatic A/S can be found in many different areas of the electronics industry, including hearing aids, antennas and mobile phones. The Danish family business located in Billund has specialized for nearly 40 years in high-precision stamped items. When it comes to quality assurance and smooth-running production, the company relies on Process Monitoring systems from BRANKAMP. More ...


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