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Stay up-to-date with the BRANKAMP News Picker

Today, competitive production not only involves recording important production data, but it also requires the rapid transmission of information. These connections are optimized with FactoryNet from BRANKAMP: Machine information is passed on directly to the operator by means of intelligent online communication. One of the numerous functions of production networking is the BRANKAMP News Picker.

In the everyday work environment, operators are subjected to a flood of information that must be filtered in order to extract what's actually relevant. To help support the operator in this task, BRANKAMP has developed the News Picker. The new FactoryNet module works as a filter, allowing only relevant information to pass. The operator can preset the information individually as desired. In so doing, each employee receives the precise data of relevance needed out of the multitude of production process data available. This information is displayed directly on screen using a push procedure, providing the operator with a real-time overview of the current production status. Due to its integration into the FactoryNet, it is possible to send information by text message or e-mail to any given mobile number or address. This means, for example, that the operations manager is kept up-to-date at all times - even when he is not personally on-site. A contributing factor to this innovative development was the repeated customer desire: The operator should have more influence on information output. BRANKAMP developers work closely with customers in developing new products, responding to their requests and suggestions. After all, it's the customer who knows exactly what is really required in the day-to-day work process.


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