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More transparency in the production process

The graphic control station for effective detailed planning

Smooth production is possible only when all manufacturing processes interact like the gears of a clock. This assumes excellent data acquisition and processing, however. Together with renowned company PSI, BRANKAMP offers a control station utilizing state of the art graphic displays for detailed planning of the manufacturing processes and optimization of the process sequence. Through-put times are optimized and, at the same time, costs reduced to a minimum through the use of this software. The clear graphic depiction provides production management/work scheduling with a reliable foundation for their production planning.

Good planning is the alpha and the omega of the manufacturing process: When time consumers such as back-ups and idle time are prevented, production is significantly more effective. Based on the dates from production planning and control, the user may optionally carry out manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic planning. Considering of all dependencies, optimum sequence planning is carried out up to the work-step level via any structured manufacturing network. Aside from maintaining deadlines and capacity availability, order priorities, setup identifiers, etc. can also be taken into consideration. The possibility of using simulation provides for answers to the „what if“ questions to be found without influencing actual operation planning. A scenario compiled in the context of the simulation can be archived or taken over into the actual operation. „Near term, up-to-the-minute, detailed planning for the individual workplace has a real impact on economic efficiency“, says BRANKAMP company official, Franz Saliger. Through-put times are shortened, costs are reduced and deadline adherence is maintained due to the optimized process. The control station is an effective tool for optimum planning and fine-tuning of the manufacturing process. Orders are taken over from a PPS system, planned in detail and transferred to the BRANKAMP DC 5000 data acquisition system. The control station links the order processing function from sales via production to shipping. The versatile graphic visualization functions enable a rapid and comprehensive overview of the production process. Important information is easily read off the clean tables and diagrams. The system monitors the occurrence of previously defined events and displays these, for example, through traffic-light functions. „If an order delay or overloading of the machine ensue, the operator can flexibly react in the production plan“, explains Saliger. Tracking orders on a planning board, still a common method in many companies, now becomes a thing of the past – thanks to BRANKAMP.


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