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BRANKAMP in brief

Three questions posed to Grad.Eng. Hans-Peter Schneider


Mr. Schneider, what exactly does BRANKAMP GmbH do?

BRANKAMP GmbH is the pioneer and world market leader for ProcessMonitoring systems. In 1977, BRANKAMP introduced innovative process monitoring, which, above all, enabled optimum quality and an improved degree of utilization in industrial manufacturing.

How should one clearly understand this?

BRANKAMP systems are especially used as a means of measurement in industrial production processes. They prevent process errors, provide support for quicker machine set-up and when there are malfunctions, for example, they switch off the system in time to prevent or limit costly damages.

How many BRANKAMP systems are deployed around the world and where are they in use?

Approximately 50,000 BRANKAMP applications are in use in manufacturing facilities all over the globe. The systems are especially prevalent in the automotive industry, but also in many other metal processing industries. In principle, many different applications are conceivable. Anywhere where the production process needs to be optimized and downtimes prevented. By the way, our systems can be installed as individual modules, but can also take on the networking and monitoring of overall locations.


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