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In-ProcessMonitoring in the packaging industry

The manufacture of cans, caps and fasteners is carried out today at the highest levels of precision and, in part, at very high production speeds. In order to keep up with the quality demands, the packaging industry must guarantee 100 percent quality control. Insufficient leak-tightness of the cans, caps or fasteners can lead to rotting of the packaged goods. And: if the defective parts are delivered to the customer, high claim and sorting costs can result.

Typical process disruptions during the manufacture of metal packaging are:

  • Feed and discharge errors (incomplete cuts and double caps)
  • Cracks and creases (base fracture)
  • Rivet head cracks and defective rivets on the tear-off caps
  • Crimped edging and punching errors on the fasteners
  • Chips and compound residue lead to indentations on the part

BRANKAMP, with its In-process monitoring system, offers a significant improvement over the conventional processes with the goal of eliminating the typical errors when manufacturing cans, caps and fasteners. Detailed determinations can be made regarding quality already during the forming process. The production of rejects is prevented in this way. Based on the process signals recorded by BRANKAMP, an immediate determination can be made as to error location and cause. Machine downtimes are a thing of the past thanks to the error trouble shooting.

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PRocess Integrated Monitor Application

To date, there have not been any satisfactory monitoring options for the forming processes in the metal packaging industry, such as for the manufacture of caps, cans, tubes and many other items. Finally, we have a solution for you: The BRANKAMP Prima Dosen monitoring.

Errors can be easily identified using BRANKAMP Prima Dosen:

  • Double sheets
  • Creases
  • Discharge errors
  • Feed errors
  • Crimped edging
  • Chipping
  • Base fractures
  • Rivet head cracks
  • Scoring errors
  • Punching and riveting errors

How does it work?

Depending on the application, suitable sensors are positioned directly in the tool or on the machine-side. Sensor signals are sent to the monitoring system and controlled by means of boundary limits. In the event of a boundary limit infringement, the faulty part can either be sorted out or the production halted immediately. BRANKAMP Prima Dosen enables a 100% quality check, already during production (In-process control) and not just after production is complete.

In this manner, consequential damage is prevented and subsequent quality checks are done away with.

BRANKAMP offers a whole line of new monitoring systems for the control of complicated forming processes that are already being successfully used in the manufacture of cans, caps and tubes.

Brankamp B100

A small but powerful package with all important features:

  • Machine safety
  • Double sheet recognition

Brankamp PK 500

The can-all, do-all for the packaging industry.

  • Monitors 8 forming operations simultaneously
  • Recognition of double sheets, creases, discharge-, punching and riveting errors, chipping and base fractures.

Brankamp PK 600

High-end system based on modern PC technology.

  • Monitors 8 forming operations simultaneouslyRecognition of double sheets, creases, discharge-, punching and riveting errors, chipping and base fractures.
  • Visualization of all process signals

Over 25 years of experience

BRANKAMP is the market leader in the field of ProcessMonitoring and quality management with 25,000 installed units worldwide. Areas of application: Stamping, cold/hot forming, machining. References: automotive industry, electronics industry, and many more. Several references from the metal packaging industry.

  • IMP / Cuxhaven (GE)
  • IMP / Deventer (NL)
  • White Cap (Hannover, GE)
  • Züchner /Seesen (GE)
  • Gruß / Hilden (GE)
  • Vogel & Noot / Meißen (GE)
  • Glud & Marstand / Odensee (DK)
  • Cebal (FN)


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