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Peter Beram: SPAX® International

More than 30 years of uncompromising quality

„The decision is made on the field.“ This wonderful saying from BVB soccer legend Adi Preißler could be the life's motto for staunch Dortmund fan and District league A-class referee, Peter Beram. Likewise, with his work at SPAX ® International in Ennepetal, the only thing that counts for this 59-year-old is the end result. Berum has been using the world-renowned screw ProcessMonitoring system from BRANKAMP in production for over 30 years. „Nothing works without it“, he adds with complete conviction.

„The dependable monitoring function is one real advantage of the BRANKAMP systems“, says Peter Beram. He relies on ProcessMonitoring systems just as do all the machine operators at SPAX® International, one of the ABC group of companies.

50 million screws per day

250 modern BRANKAMP systems alone are deployed at the company headquarters in Ennepetal. The equipment monitors the high quality of the up to 50 million screws that are produced there every day. But Peter Beram is a very special user: The current PK4U systems represent the 5th generation for the trained metal worker. Beram worked with the very first BRANKAMP Processa 0101 systems back in 1977. „Even those were very good systems. Today we still have one in use in the apprenticeship workshop“, according to the native Croatian. ABC Group management recognized the potential of the BRANKAMP systems at an early stage, becoming the first large customer for the young company.

A good ten years earlier, ABC created a furore with an innovation of its own: the SPAX® screw. To this day, SPAX® is the only screw brand worldwide to have established itself in a large target group. The unmistakable trademark of a first-rate product „Made in Germany“: the absolute height of product quality. BRANKAMP systems have without a doubt played a part in this success. An old picture from August 1977 documents Peter Beram's first day with the new systems; back then with a thick head of hair and a full beard. „Today's systems are much smaller and yet can do so much more“, says Beram. „ProcessMonitoring has brought us much. We have been able to significantly increase the error recognition potential." Because of the willingness to innovate on the part of his employer, Peter Beram became one of the first users of ProcessMonitoring systems worldwide. For this reason, he is a highly sought after contact person today for his younger co-workers. The sympathetic family man will retire from SPAX® this summer after 34 years. Beram: „It was a wonderful time.“


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