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Hotmatic multi-stage presses equipped with ProcessMonitoring systems ex-works

Hatebur relies on Brankamp

The Swiss machine manufacturer Hatebur is now equipping its Hotmatic multi-stage presses with ProcessMonitoring systems ex-works. Hatebur has selected BRANKAMP as its solution partner.

Automatic forging plants are capital intensive production facilities that frequently experience production bottlenecks. This gives significant meaning to the need to achieve a higher degree of machine availability. „In line with this objective and together with Hatebur, we have developed an adapted press force monitoring system especially for the Hotmatic Warmformer“, says BRANKAMP company official, Franz Saliger.

The acquisition of press forces has been established with close matching of the sensors to the sensor location. The ProcessMonitoring system for the Hatebur Warmformer is based on the BRANKAMP PK 5000 / 6000 model series.

„It already provides support to the operator during tool setup as well as with process management“, explains Saliger. Optimum process parameter settings mean that unwanted machine downtimes are minimized right from the start. In addition, the production of good parts with minimal press force is achieved, which preserves the press and tool and leads to optimal service life times.

Of practical importance: The ProcessMonitoring system also displays the trend curve of the pressing forces. This trend curve is somewhat like a tachograph in presenting the process history. This allows for process changes to be detected and counter measures to be initiated at an early stage. If a defined continuous load limit is momentarily exceeded, the BRANKAMP PK 5000 / 6000 will generate a warning alarm. At the same time, the load occurrence is saved and stored in a file together with the date and time - the Overload protocol. Shutdown of the forging plant will be initiated only after the continuous load limit has been permanently exceeded (typically more than 15 strokes).

Hatebur service technicians are trained to become familiar with the BRANKAMP systems in order to ensure a smooth start-up. The picture shows Hatebur service technicians together with BRANKAMP employee Walter Nieland, in front of Hatebur's company building.

In short: The Warmformers from Hatebur now have an optimum process monitoring and process documentation system. It helps to protect both the press and tools against overloading and enables stroke synchronization, meaning online observation of the process event. The comprehensive documentation of the machine loading, the occurrence of process disturbances and the measured process stability can then be used for offline analysis and optimization of the production process.


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