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Peiner Umformtechnik GmbH

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The park stadium in Gelsenkirchen, the new airport in Dubai, innumerable automobiles and wind power systems all have one thing in common: They were all constructed using fastening elements from Peiner Umformtechnik GmbH (PUT). The company, headquartered in Peine, Germany, has been producing special screws and parts for the automotive, machine, plant and steel construction industries for almost 90 years. PUT products are deployed around the globe.

Today, 320 employees produce around 26.5 million high-strength cold and hot formed parts a year using special production processes. „We supply the automotive industry with fastening elements for axles and motors, for example. „There are approximately 20 kilograms of screws in a typical medium-sized car.“ Screws for steel construction, in contrast, are of a totally different calibre: Special bolts with enormous load-bearing capacity are required for connecting multi-ton elements used for stadium or bridge construction. The largest PUT products, however, are found in large wind power systems. Special bolts with a 64 millimetre diameter and 38 centimetre length are used for this purpose.

Peiner Umformtechnik GmbH specializes in hot and cold forging of steel and is equipped with ultra-modern machinery. „Our products are used at crucial locations on vehicles, facilities and machinery, and must therefore comply with the highest level of quality standards“, says Jende. „For this reason, we not only rely on the most modern machines, but we also rely on the high-performance ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP.“ The decision to go with BRANKAMP was made in-part because of the positive feedback received from the operators: They prefer BRANKAMP systems because of the user-friendly operation.

The BRANKAMP PK 508 and PK 6000 systems and the BRANKAMP DC 5000 production data acquisition program have ensured a trouble-free production process in Peine for over 15 years. Jende: „Before deploying the systems, we had increasing incidents of tool breakage, machine overloading and machine damage. Today, not only the production has become more reliable - we have an accurate piece count acquisition, a link to operating data collection and the experience from earlier production lots are stored and factored in, as well.“ All machines in the cold production are equipped with BRANKAMP systems. At the present time, the machinery in the cold forming area is being modernized: The machines are being mechanically and electrically overhauled and the older BRANKAMP systems are being replaced with modern integrated systems from the PK 6000 ranges of models. Besides the intuitive operation via touch-screen, these models are convincing, particularly due to the newly developed functions, such as the Rotator for reliable identification of transfer errors between the pressing stations. The BRANKAMP systems are also used in the separate thread production processes.


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