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The success of ProcessMonitoring: Reliable processes - top quality

No matter whether stamped, stretched or pressed - BAUMGARTEN GmbH, headquartered in Daaden in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, manufactures high-quality form pieces made of steel. Welded or riveted sub-assembly groups compliment the portfolio of the medium-sized company. Because quality and dependability command a place of top priority, BAUMGARTEN relies on ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP for manufacturing.

BAUMGARTEN GmbH has been a strong partner for the further processing industry for more than 50 years. „Over 90 percent of our customers are part of the automotive industry that, because of their high quality demands, have defined our standards“, explains Markus Erner, Plant Manager at BAUMGARTEN. "For us, this means: the very best quality from the material through its processing to the finished part.“ 130 employees at its headquarters in Daaden and 40 employees in its subsidiary in Hungary commit themselves 100 percent everyday. The reasons for their continuing success are diverse: The medium-sized company has efficient product lines, its own tool construction facilities and a certified quality and environmental management system.

Adding to this, highly qualified employees undergo continuous training. „This guarantees a high level of quality and product reliability for our costumers“, says graduate engineer, Erner. With its many years of experience, BAUMGARTEN's team is capable of smoothly configuring even the most difficult production processes. Continuous development of the operating and production processes dynamically drives the company onwards and ensures that it remains at the current state of technology at all times. One of many examples has been the introduction of the BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring system. A Müller-Weingarten HQR400.25 has been equipped with a PK 6000 FE from BRANKAMP since May of 2009. Steel stamped parts with wall thicknesses of up to six millimeters are manufactured on this fully automatic stamping system with conveyor belt feed. ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP is already in use for several tools. With increasing tendency: By the end of 2010, numerous tools will be monitored by BRANKAMP. „Prior to the deployment of ProcessMonitoring, we had problems with pieces punched out and stamp indentations, as well as with defective tools due to stamp residue and stamp breakage. After installing the system and employee training, the number of complaints about the respective parts dropped to zero“, says Plant Manager, Erner. It saved good money and ensured that the investment was amortized within about one year. Further training measures and application possibilities offer additional potential for optimizing the manufacturing process with regard to production reliability. Yet, the PK 6000 FE is not the first BRANKAMP system to be put into service at BAUMGARTEN. Plant Manager, Erner: „Earlier experiences with the older generation of BRANKAMP systems have ensured that the contact to the company was never interrupted. The PK 6000 FE has been convincing through its simple operation, possible system expansion, additional monitoring functions and the tool sensor technology used. And the success, in practice, has proven that this investment was the right choice. We are already planning on equipping further systems with BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring systems in order to ensure more reliable and economical manufacturing.“


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