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Kienle + Spiess GmbH

Fit for the future with ProcessMonitoring

The range of product applications from Kienle + Spiess GmbH is broad; from wind power stations to the Transrapid in Shanghai, all the way to fans and household appliances.  The company, founded in 1935, is one of the largest suppliers or stamped and die-cast parts for electric motors and generators in Europe, as well as electric steel sheet according to all established procedures.

The comprehensive product range of Kienle + Spiess GmbH covers all areas of application, from electric motors and generators to segments for wind power generators, up to packets for traction motors and armatures for universal motors. About 1,300 employees work at two locations in Germany as well as subsidiaries in Hungary and Great Britain. „We manufacture in single notching, stamping with progressive dies and packeting in any pack length desired. Stator packets can be riveted, welded, stamp packed, glue packed or bonded. Casting of the rotor pack takes place predominantly fully automatically“, explains Fritz Zibold, Plant Manager for Kienle + Spiess-Werks in Vaihingen. „Thanks to the various die forms - up to twelvefold - we are capable of realizing rotors with diameters of 15 to 450 millimeters and pack lengths of 7.5 to 550 millimeters.“ Quality takes on a high priority at Kienle + Spiess, beginning with the raw materials through the process planning phase to process monitoring. For this, the company, based in  Sachsenheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg, relies on ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP. „At the present time, a press at the plant in Vaihingen and a press at the plant in Sachsenheim are both outfitted with a BRANKAMP PK 4U“, says Zibold. „We will add on and equip three more presses.“ Approx. 16 million stator and rotor blades, as well as segment blades will be manufactured on monitored presses per year. ProcessMonitoring systems have been in use at Kienle + Spiess since the beginning of 2008 and Plant Manager, Zibold, is convinced about the technology. „Earlier, we had a problem with broken punches and punching tools. We have been able to identify problems more quickly since we have been using BRANKAMP systems. This usually makes it possible to prevent large-scale damage - and that saves good money. The savings at the plant in Vaihingen, for example, were so high that the investment in such a toll monitoring system paid for itself in almost one year.“


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