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Marl GmbH

Efficient punching operations with ProcessMonitoring

Marl GmbH has been specializing in high-quality metal and plastic punch parts for more than a quarter century. The family-run company from Plettenberg manufactured 118 million stamped parts with a press force of 1,000 kilonewtons in the past year with eleven well trained employees. In so doing, the team makes no compromise when it comes to quality, relying on ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP.

Marl GmbH supplies high-quality punch parts to various industries. The metal parts are used primarily in the household appliance industry - for washing machines. For dishwashers, Marl also manufacturers plastic punch parts, such as noise insulation foils. The so-called rubber skirts are used for sound damping in the base area. Other customers are found in the construction and lighting industries, as well as in the electronics industry. These industries, for example, are supplied with sealing disks for facade construction, attachment brackets, fitting plates or installation valves. The product portfolio of the Sauerland-based company is large and comprises all forms of bent punch parts. BRANKAMP systems have been in use at Marl since 2005. „The decision for these was made following a customer complaint“, Managing Director, Gerd Marl, recalls. „A label got hung up on the belt and, during further processing, parts were damaged at the customer's facilities. An employee of a large machine manufacturer recommended BRANKAMP to us for preventing such product errors. At first, I didn't want to believe that BRANKAMP systems could react to such sensitive inputs, but then I was convinced otherwise.“ At least half of the automatic punching machines at Marl are in use with BRANKAMP PK 5000 and PK 4U systems. Aside from the measurable monetary benefits due to less reductions, fewer rejects and lower scrapping costs, stamping expert, Gerd Marl, also observes additional advantages: „The image advantage should not be underestimated. Our customers trust the high level of quality that we can offer due to our commitment to production monitoring. One example: In order to convince a customer of our reliable production process, we taped a piece of adhesive tape onto the belt and subsequently allowed it to run through the punching machine. The sensors in the BRANKAMP system recognized the tiny irregularity and triggered a machine shutdown. This really impressed our customer and persuaded him about our performance capabilities.“


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