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Increased profitability at Stansomatic

Quality assurance with Process Monitoring

Stamping items from Stansomatic A/S can be found in many different areas of the electronics industry, including hearing aids, antennas and mobile phones. The Danish family business located in Billund has specialized for nearly 40 years in high-precision stamped items. When it comes to quality assurance and smooth-running production, the company relies on Process Monitoring systems from BRANKAMP.

Stansomatic is currently using six BRANKAMP systems in production, with increasing tendency: „Over the next twelve to eighteen months, we would like to stock up and purchase another two PK 4 U,“ says Finn Møller Jensen, factory manager at Stansomatic. „Our experiences with Process Monitoring systems from BRANKAMP have been good,“ says Jensen. „Our employees are thrilled by the system reliability. We also use systems from other manufacturers in our production, but our staff prefers to work with BRANKAMP systems. That's not just because they are reliable, but because they are easy to operate and have plenty of practical functions as well.“

Around 55 employees produce more than 300 million stamped items per year in Billund. This includes electronic components for hearing aids, mobile phones, the automotive industry, antennas, EMC shielding and connectors. 85 percent of production is exported to countries such as Brazil, Estonia, Ireland, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Poland, Hungary, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany. The parts are produced in progressive die tools in modern, automatic stamping machines with a press force of up to 63 tons and at speeds of up to 800 strokes/min. „Our products are produced from all types of metal or steel and are between 0.08 and a full two millimeters thick,“ says factory manager Mr. Jensen. A modern production set-up, their own design department and tool engineering facilitate an efficient production run. „Before we started using our first BRANKAMP system in 2002, we had constant problems with slugs. That led to damaged stamped parts and machines. We have been able to minimize this considerably through the use of Process Monitoring from BRANKAMP“, says Finn Møller Jensen. Now the slugs are recognised during production already, which means that expensive machine repairs or piece-by-piece controls are no longer necessary.


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