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BRANKAMP in use at the Schroeder + Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

ProcessMonitoring in modern punching operations

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Top quality plays an ever increasing role in the automotive and electric industries. This demand is naturally passed on to the suppliers. Schroeder + Bauer GmbH & Co. KG has successfully taken on the challenge, producing 80 million high-grade punch parts per month in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. This medium-sized company relies on the quality management provided by ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP for production of its precision components.

About 120 qualified employees work in the areas of stamping technology and tool construction at its headquarters in Neulingen-Bauschlott, close to Pforzheim. „We manufacture high quality stamped parts for our customers in the automotive, industrial electronics and telecommunications industries“, remarks Alexander Frank, Head of Stamping Technology at Schroeder + Bauer. „This includes, for example, micro-stamped parts, crimp and flat contacts, laser-welded contacts, assembly parts and complete assembly groups.“ The highest levels of quality are a must, especially in these sensitive areas. Production disruptions due to pieces punched out, tool wear or similar factors can be significantly minimized with modern ProcessMonitoring systems. „Such production stops are time- and cost-intensive and lead to reduced product quality. A situation that Schroeder + Bauer cannot and will not accept“, says Frank. For this reason, the company has been using BRANKAMP systems in production for one and a half years. „We introduced the BRANKAMP systems because of their excellent punched parts recognition. An argument for the acquisition was all the more emphasized by their timely recognition of additional important factors such as tool wear, tool breakage, material doubling and lubrication failure.“ Until now, there were four PK 4U systems in use in Neulingen-Bauschlott. With success: „Our experience with ProcessMonitoring from BRANKAMP has been positive. Production changes are identified very quickly so that machine crashes can be prevented“, says stamping expert Frank. „Another large plus point is that the BRANKAMP systems can also be used for older tools. An upgrade is easily carried out, so that reliable manufacturing is possible here, as well.“ With ProcessMonitoring, Schroeder + Bauer is relying on a systematic problem avoidance already in advance. In the future, all 15 automatic stamping machines will be equipped with BRANKAMP ProcessMonitoring systems in order to configure the system as comprehensively as possible.

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