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Realize the greatest possible effectivity

FactoryM: Individual with a perfect fit

Special machinery, a particular product or high industry standards: The control of modern production processes poses a whole series of challenges to production supervisors in every company. The FactoryM software module from BRANKAMP offers innovative tools, with which these tasks can be mastered.

The supreme objective of every production supervisor is to realize the greatest possible effectiveness. Module 3 of the FactoryM system by BRANKAMP supports precisely this objective. This third building block concentrates on the monitoring of productivity and utilization of the manufacturing process. The operator perceives how high the machine loading actually is on the „Productivity Characteristics Skyline“ screen. At the end of the day, it is important to know how many parts have actually been produced in order to realize optimum transparency in the manufacturing sequence. The „Daily Report“ screen depicts the productivity - run-time or part quantity - of the individual shifts. The production supervisor receives detailed information about the different shifts and respective machines via the „Single Machine Shift Information“. A company may be subdivided into several production areas. The individual sections must be examined closely in order to gain an overview of the total effectiveness. Module 3 can help in this - the „Degree of Utilization Range“. It records the degree of utilization of a complete operating area with machine run-times and production volumes. A virtual tour of the operation, as well, is no problem with Module 3 of the FactoryM concept. Production operations are broken down into digital increments at prescribed times with „Multi-moment Analysis“. Another important function of the third building block is the run-time diagram. This depicts a target/actual production comparison in a line diagram. Module 3 (299 Euros) is one of a total of nine new FactoryM modules. The productivity and utilization of up to eight machines can be monitored in this manner. Depiction takes place on the browser screen just as with the modules. An additional advantage: The FactoryM functions can always be used - whether with or without ProcessMonitoring on the machines.


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