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Navigating securely through complex day-to-day manufacturing

The bottleneck alert

Up-to-date traffic information by radio, Internet or navigation systems, directly processing this information, greatly increase travel convenience. The driver of a car not only reaches his destination more quickly, but also enjoys less stress on route. Once its benefits have been experienced, you won't ever want to travel without a „Navi“ again. And the same goes for the innovative ProductionMonitoring system, FactoryM, from BRANKAMP, that securely and reliably guides its users through the complex day-to-day manufacturing process.

Module 4 of this innovative modular FactoryM system focuses entirely on the problem of machine standstills. With the „Stop code“ and „Process code Memory 1“ screens, the BRANKAMP system shows why, how long and with what downtime consequences the machine was stopped. The operator can then access a more detailed view in the „Stop code memory 2“ screen. This is where the duration and subsequent standstill times are shown in detail. In addition to information about the length of production stop, the system provides reasons for a machine failure, which can be of decisive significance. This is the only way to prevent such downtimes from happening in the future. The FactoryM Module 4 sorts machine downtimes by the number of standstill causes on the „Diagnosis Stop codes“ screen. The Stop codes are also explained in a plain text window in order to make diagnosis even easier and clearer. Once the machine operator knows the codes, he can call up the „Diagnosis process codes“ screen for this particular function. This screen likewise arranges machine stops by the number of reasons for the standstills, but without code explanations. As with all other modules, Module 4 (299 Euros) may be flexibly combined with all other modules in the FactoryM series from BRANKAMP. This means that the workshop manager can decide which functions are useful. FactoryM runs on any PC. It is easily operated via a conventional internet browser. When deciding on the FactoryM from BRANKAMP, it is irrelevant whether ProcessMonitoring systems or already in use at the company. After all: FactoryM will run under any circumstances.


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