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Factory M

The production process in view

The communication between company management and production is a decisive factor in the smooth operation of manufacturing processes. For this reason, it is more important than ever to have access to all relevant production data in real-time. BRANKAMP, with its ten-part modular ProductionMonitoring concept, now offers a cost-effective and innovative software solution, which can be modularly expended depending on the need.

Using the FactoryM Product Overview module, the foreman or operations supervisor is provided a view of the entire manufacturing process. He can choose between six significant screens. The Stop-and-Go diagram, for example, shows how long the individual machines have been running and how long they have been at a standstill. In addition, the machine stroke counts can be overlaid via a further Stop-and-Go screen. Another diagram provided precise information about the current machine status. Aside from this, it is important to know which machines are busy in order to realize effective utilization of all machines. The „run-time factors“ screen shows the degree of machine utilization in a clearly understandable pie chart diagram. Statistics about machine run-times without stops can be called up, as well, using the „Time-classes - Production without stop“. The „Time-classes - Standstill“ screen provides information about the average manufacturing plant standstill times. The FactoryM Product Overview module, at only 299 Euros, provides an optimum control tool for up to eight machines. The user interface is based on Internet browser technology and, as such, guarantees easy operation. The various diagrams in FactoryM can be accessed from any PC. If the event a ProcessMonitoring system is not yet in use, the required data can be acquisitioned via a BRANKAMP IMC box.


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