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More customer benefits through a technology partnership

No matter whether winding, straightening,  advancing or process monitoring - when it has to do with stamping processes, the right point of contact is „Die Peripherie Anlagen für Stanz- und Umformtechnik GmbH“ (DPA). The Dortmund-based company has been successful in the marketplace for over 15 years. DPA has concluded a technology partnership with BRANKAMP in order to position itself even better for the future.

„Our customers are suppliers to the automotive industry, as well as manufacturers of electric parts and electro-technical components. The demand for top quality is one of our most important prerequisites“, says Wolfgang Bielwald, Managing Director of DPA. Their portfolio includes virtually all periphery concepts, such as winding or unwinding, straightening, belt greasing (fine-spraying), advancing, cleaning and steam degreasing. There are also process monitoring and tool protection systems using various sensory methods.

Of course, the systems are installed, maintained and repaired by qualified DPA technicians. Together with BRANKAMP, DPA has expanded its highly modern process control system to include monitoring functions. The PC 8000 is a process controller that connects multiple individual components and simultaneously processes them. The interaction between force monitoring, feed rate and belt lubrication control and monitoring, light barrier tool protection and cam output signal control from in-house, tied together with acoustic sensors for recognition of ensuing pieces punched out and stamping waste from BRANKAMP form a complete solution for every stamping customer. „With the PC 8000, the machine operator is provided with an operating terminal that unites all components and peripheries together. The unnecessary addition of several control units at the same time is eliminated from the start“, remarks Andre Schafhirt, responsible for technical sales, explaining the advantages of the PC 8000. „With BRANKAMP, we have begun a cooperation aimed at using synergies, as each supplier possesses outstanding strengths. Therefore, the combination of DPA's PC 8000 system-related controller and the integrated BRANKAMP impact sound monitoring is the most comprehensive and, as such, the most ideal tool controller and quality management system currently available on the market.“ With the PC 8000, the quality requirements demanded for the product can be realized at the highest levels. „The successful collaboration with DPA is a further milestone in BRANKAMP's history“, remarks Hans-Peter Schneider, BRANKAMP Managing Director. „The combination of a leading tool and quality management system company such as DPA and the ProcessMonitoring pioneer BRANKAMP offers enormous potential.“


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